These people I've worked with have been kind enough to write about me.

"Nicely done! Cool to see this kind of monitoring on an app level. Places like akamai and their WAF services cost so much. We implement this kind of detection on the edge since we want to do internal daily scans." Penetration Tester (name withheld).

Peter DeLegge

"Disa consulted me when I led SEO globally at Motorola. Disa was one of the first people I turned to for expertise. A true subject matter expert's expert, she possesses amazing depth on SEO. I just like to give credit where it's due. The depth of your insights always blew me away (I never met anyone whose depth of knowledge exceeded yours)."

Jim Stob

"Disa's search marketing knowledge and experience are superior. She is innovative, creative and a fantastic communicator. Disa is a highly esteemed member of the search community, respected by peers and clients alike." Jim Stob, President of Position Technologies Inc.

Danny Sullivan

"If you've read about search marketing, you've come across Disa Johnson's name. Former moderator of the famed I-Search mailing list, Disa jumped back into the world by launching SearchReturn. A big welcome back to you Disa. Now that you've resurrected the I-Search mailing list that was your claim to fame. People know you as the longtime moderator of that mailing list, and you're back, and out doing it again.

I just got my first issue (SearchReturn #005: Microsoft AOL) and lots of good stuff in it already. It's just kind of nice, we had things start off with mailing lists, that's how we all connected in the SEO world. I'm sure you remember at the first Search Engine Strategies show, all these people who read I-Search were walking around going: 'Are you so-and-so?' and 'Are you so-and-so?' We didn't really have search forums and stuff."

Daron Babin

"Disa stands among the best known and universally respected personalities in the industry. She is certainly one of the most colorful and outspoken. One of the dozen or so pioneers, Disa started her career in Bend Oregon in the mid 1990's. In the early days, Disa shared her discoveries, knowledge and innovative techniques in hundreds of articles and at countless conferences, establishing herself as one of the primary teachers of second and third generations. Through her support and participation in many of the annual conferences and her collaborative way of thinking, she is considered a close friend by many people in the industry. Disa is one of the first people we contact for advice and opinion."

"Disa Johnson's Claim to Fame"
by Danny Sullivan

"Always Blew Me Away"
by Motorola SEO Peter DeLegge

"Respected by Peers and Clients"
by Jim Stob

"One of the Top Technical SEO Experts"
by Lee Odden

"Long Term Success"
by (Shopping Search Engine)

"Best Moderator Anywhere"
by Webmaster T

"One of the Nicest"
by Chris Sherman

"Includes Many Industry Leaders"
by Renee Kennedy

"Delightful Balance, Supervision, Contrbutions" by Mark Brownlow

"Intelligent SEO Fanatic"
by Andrew Goodman

"The old guard included Greg Boser, Bruce Clay, Disa Johnson and Shari Thurow."
by SEO Copywriting Author Heather Lloyd

"Expert Who Actually Knows"
by Kelly Blazes

"Big Cheers"
by Michael Zerman

"Get it? Search Return!"
by Chris Nielsen

"Disa is one of the first people we contact for advice and opinion"
by Daron Babin

"True Leader in the Search Space"
by Craig Fifield

"Fantastic Resource"
by Jeff Hinds

"She Quickly Put Me At Ease"
by SEMPO Chairman Chris Boggs

"Sign Up Now"
by Search Engine Guide Jennifer Laycock

"Relax with Disa Johnson"
by Kim Krause Berg

"An Asset For All"
by Debra Mastaler

"Information pages were tested and developed in 1997 by Marshall Simmonds, Disa Johnson, and Shari Thurow." by Shari Thurow

"Another fantastic article wrapping up title tag optimization - nice work."
-Adam Audette

"Great tips today on title tags!! This seems like a good approach -- I'm looking forward to the next installments!"
by Beth Earle

"I am an avid reader of I-Search"
-Barry Smith

"It's a very cool resource you're creating."
-Esoos Bobnar

"Nice to have a person filter SEO news."

"It is really excellent. I thank you very much."

"I-Search is a great newsletter to subscribe to."

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