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"If you've read about search marketing, you've come across Disa Johnson's name. Former moderator of the famed I-Search mailing list, Disa jumped back into the world by launching SearchReturn. A big welcome back to you Disa. Now that you've resurrected the I-Search mailing list that was your claim to fame. People know you as the longtime moderator of that mailing list, and you're back, and out doing it again.

I just got my first issue (SearchReturn #005: Microsoft AOL) and lots of good stuff in it already. It's just kind of nice, we had things start off with mailing lists, that's how we all connected in the SEO world. I'm sure you remember at the first Search Engine Strategies show, all these people who read I-Search were walking around going: 'Are you so-and-so?' and 'Are you so-and-so?' We didn't really have search forums and stuff."

Danny Sullivan

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  • "Your insights always blew me away"

    2012-12-19 Peter DeLegge
  • Nicely done! Cool to see this kind of monitoring on an app level.

    2017-06-15 Penetration Tester

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