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When your project could use help, start with an hour or more. I code, consult, bring strategy, direct or assemble a scalable team of specialists to suit the nature of your project. I come highly recommended and travel or remote shell to improve your lines. Non-emergency rates are available for projects. With 20+ years experience, I have well-recognized leadership skills, wide-spread industry respect and technical SEO guru status with sophisticated programming know-how. I served as HIPAA Security Officer and Director of a team of 40 developers and specialists at Chicago Tribune. The websites and apps I produce have a high degree of security awareness that keeps sensitive information safe. Best of all, everything is set up for a terrific mobile experience and superb search engine rankings.

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While at Chicago Tribune we produced over 100 websites per year, including HIPAA secure versions for hospitals and clinics, and began authoring business intelligence dashboards with customizable KPIs which I can now offer directly.

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