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WebmasterRadio.FM's oldest show, Rainmaker returns Thursday October 1st with a very special guest, Detlef Johnson, owner of Chicago based Search Return LLC. Detlef stands among the best known and universally respected personalities in the search marketing industry. He is certainly one of the most colorful and outspoken. One of the dozen or so SEO pioneers, Detlef started his career in Bend Oregon in the mid 1990's.

In the early days, Detlef shared his discoveries, knowledge and innovative techniques in hundreds of articles and at countless conferences, establishing himself as one of the primary teachers of second and third generations SEOs. Through his support and participation in many of the annual conferences and his collaborative way of thinking, he is considered a close friend by many people in the industry.

Detlef is an amazing SEO, one of WebmasterRadio.FM's SEO's of choice. Whenever we have a SEO problem or encounter an interesting brainteaser, he is one of the first people we contact for advice and opinion. On Thursday, Detlef Johnson will talk to Daron and Brandy about his life, career and outlook. A warm, irreverent, loving and intimate conversation between three old friends, Thursday's episode of Rainmaker promises to be radio at its finest.

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