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"Disa's search marketing knowledge and experience are superior. She is innovative, creative, and a fantastic communicator. Disa is a highly esteemed member of the search community, respected by peers and clients alike."

Jim Stob, President


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  • "I just got my first issue and lots of good stuff in it already. It's just kind of nice."

    2005-10-14 Danny Sullivan
  • "Your insights always blew me away"

    2012-12-19 Peter DeLegge
  • "Detlef stands among the best known and universally respected personalities in the search marketing industry. One of the dozen or so SEO pioneers."

    2009-09-14 Daron Babin
    Webmaster Radio
  • Nicely done! Cool to see this kind of monitoring on an app level.

    2017-06-15 Penetration Tester

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