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             "Social Search Optimization"
                         ~ Mary Mac
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==> Social Search Optimization

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Discussion: What particular skills and or tech from traditional 
SEO do you find most useful for your social (search) marketing?
Author tags get applied. Fun tips are appreciated!

Mary Mac

Yes to hashtags! Also, target your comments on social media the 
same way you target content on a landing page. 

Do not try to appeal to the world. Instead, post information that 
pertains to the search interests of known buying personas for 
your product or service. And use keywords that are used in 
typical searches by your targeted buyers.

That is the technique I use to build a global community, without 
even promoting a company. If you are promoting a company, you can 
get much better results.

To see how I do it, see https://twitter.com/bestwebstrategy






==> Social Search Optimization

From: I-Search <>

Discussion: What particular skills and or tech from traditional 
SEO do you find most useful for your social (search) marketing?
Author tags get applied. Fun tips are appreciated!

Thanks to Ross Dunn and John Carcutt, additional discussion 
appears in this week's Webmaster Radio 101 episode, 17 mins in. 
Tune in to the show for more. Partial transcript:

Ross: The first thing I think of is how is this going to affect 
my overall link profile, social credibility profile, all that 
kind of thing. I'm always thinking about how things connect and 
wether or not is on the same topic and theme. I always try to 
think in terms of continuity. That's my first thought. Mostly 
it's superstition. Because none of it has been proven. I always 
think about continuity that what I always talk about will somehow 
benefit when all the signals start to make a difference.

John: When you think about targeting and building authority on a 
certain topic on your website which is what you want to do from 
an SEO standpoint, when you want to build authority on a certain 
topic you want to take that same topical relevancy and have it 
translate to your social presence as well. So when those social 
signals really start impacting from a search perspective, there's 
continuity between your targeting on your site and your targeting 
on your social. 

Ross: I generally think that way.

John: That's a great thought. I was thinking about what are some 
of the skills that you need have as an SEO. You need to be able 
to do keyword research, you need to know some basic coding 
skills, you need to be able to dig into analyzing analytics. I 
think the analytics side of it from a, is really the main point 
of it is really where I make the connection is between the skill 
set from an SEO and a skill set from social media marketing, you 
have to understand the impact of what you're doing. You have to 
be able to measure. You have to be able to know that 'if I do 
this, this is the impact in SEO' you have to have that same skill 
in social media. If I'm making this kinda move in social being 
able to look at those analytics, look at those metrics, and 
seeing what kind of impact it's having. I think that's a good 
skill that carries across both of those mediums.

Ross: Even the fact that you know that whatever you do online has 
impact. In this case it's social media that's amplified.

John: It's really interesting. I've had conversations with 
people, you remember years ago when we started people said you 
can't measure it, SEO is like this black box, you can do all this 
work and you're not really sure if you're having any impact on 
any of it. Well that's changed a lot in the past four of five 
years there's a lot better ways and more specific ways to measure 
the impact of SEO on a website and on a business. Well social 
media right now is in that old-school SEO, where how do you 
really measure impact of social media, it's not really measurable 
as far as driving business and ROI, and they're having those same 
kinda conversations around social media that we used to have 
around SEO. If some of the learnings we've learned in SEO to make 
it more measurable and impactful, we're going to be able to apply 
to social media over time. We're not there yet but we're getting 

Ross: A lot of things about proving wether or not what you're 
doing is having any impact. When it comes right down to it, there 
are ways. And analytics has been the root for it. In social media 
or even link building it's far more difficult. Social media will 
ultimately at some point but link building has been around for a 
while and they really don't have any good examples of that 

John: It is interesting that just this last week Facebook 
announced the ability able to tag your webpages with a Facebook 
tag that will pull back information into the Facebook analytics 
that comes directly from your site, so you'll be able to track 
your conversions on your website from your Facebook advertising 
traffic. So they're working on it. It's coming out. It's 
happening. It will just take some time.

Ross: And that's just one social media site. I got an email from 
a reseller that a competitor is doing some web marketing for the 
client, and we're doing some. You gotta love it when there's two. 
We're doing it from a point of largess posting, and high quality 
stuff; really really well-written. You can tell I'm proud of it; 
good writer. The thing is, they're saying that they're the reason 
for all the results. They've got a bigger budget, so they put 
everything out in the most beautiful reports and they're spending 
a lot of time to make this client believe them versus us. The 
fact of the matter is, they're getting an increase in traffic and 
it's non-branded terms etc. There is no way to prove which 
content it is. Unless it's direct traffic, all they know is non-
branded terms have increased. It's all about how you spin it. 
That's why I find this field lately a little bit soul grinding. 
I don't like to spin things. Its difficult with link building 
because, like social as well, is it truly you and I have to be 
honest and say I don't know. All I know is that what I'm doing is 
good quality and people like it.

John: That's part of the problem. Especially with social when 
things get shared so frequently. All of a sudden content you may 
have created for a client gets shared by a friend of a friend, 
who then has another friend and you actually get a conversion 
through. There's no way to track that right now. The cross 
channel tracking if somebody emails a link of a Facebook post 
that you did, who knows at this point from social because it is 
so much of a shared medium tracking it from person to person is 
so difficult if not impossible at this point. You're right. It's 
the same discussions it's the same arguments we've had SEO is 
very hard to track. The technology will show up eventually but 
it's just not there yet. 

Ross: Do you find that it's not quite as fun as it used to be? 
Like in SEO I could really prove it. Back in the day, rankings 
improved, I was the only one doing it. These days there are so 
many different channels, the person's doing all those channels at 
once; it's very difficult to prove it. Even with all our 
technology, even with analytics etc. because what we're talking 
about is an algorithm, that we're trying to influence based on 
good content based on truly relevant information, technically 
it's still influencing it.

John: It kinda goes back to the old school, there's an old 
advertising saying I know that 50% of my advertising works, I 
just don't know which 50%. It's kinda the same with social. Right 
now we know we have to do this, we know it has an impact even 
when we don't know which individual pieces are having that 
impact. I love it, actually. I love trying to figure this stuff 


Stay Tuned.

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