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July 11, 2006                             SearchReturn Issue #076
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// -- ESSENTIAL NEWS -- //
            "AdWords Quality Score"
            "NoFollow For Sale"
            "Server Response"


// -- ESSENTIAL NEWS -- //


==> AdWords Quality Score


Essentials: Watch for changes this week to the cost of Google
AdWords as a result of Page Quality Score adjustments. It can be
assumed that Google has long calculated user experience factors
into their ranking algorithms for natural results, and has
recently extended these calculations to include AdWords ranking.
Jen does a great job explaining how some sites will likely be
adversely affected by these changes, and we can provide an
additional tip or two here.

Pages with excessive text is not easily consumable. Too high a
word count may count against your user experience score. A 5,000
word document would be hard to read on any machine's screen. Tiny
text is also difficult to read, and choosing colors other than
black text against white bckground is inadvisable.

Pages with a high link count are easy for a machines to spot, and
can be assumed to be low-quality in terms of measuring user
experience. Each link on a page confronts users with a choice. If
your link count is abnormally high, you are overwhelming users.
Google has inferred in its guidelines that more than 100 links on
a page might be excessive (although that number should not be
considered a hard-fast rule, consider a reasonable threshold).



==> NoFollow For Sale


Essentials: The inspiring idea of PageRank, (to use the democracy
of the Web for calculating rankings), may be dying, ironically
because of Google's own success. NoFollow was introduced by
Google to thwart increasing blog spam. Now Google has to contend
with the fact that NoFollow itself may be up for sale. NoFollow
is really esoteric in any case, and has little to do with much
outside Google.



==> Server Response


Essentials: Matt Cutts has returned from a lengthy, noticeable
holiday. Many happenings went on while the Googler was away, and
he is catching up responding to the most serious issues. He
confirmed that Google has dealt with a cross-site scripting (XSS)
problem that opened users of services like GMail to potential
abuse, and he confirmed the server error response posted in

The response doesn't really reveal anything useful, but is
humorous with items that seem of interest:

Guess: Thresholds for recursive calculations or iterations.

Guess: Normalized processing with 0.5 out of 1.

Guess: Spell check or language compound adaptation module.

Guess: PageRank Vector directives, possibly normalizing at PR4.

Guess: Publishing a scoring servlet name for reference.

Guess: Domain limit filter to prevent flooding.

Guess: Exactly what it says.

Guess: Google Working Directory, (not a GoogleDance).

Guess: Reference to their query-side classification module.

Guess: Exactly what it says.

Guess: Exactly what it says.

Stay Tuned.

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