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News: Google AOL, Microsoft & AOL, Press Release Optimization

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October 13, 2005                                       Issue #006
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         "Google AOL (Comcast)"
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         "Press Release Optimization"
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         "Microsoft AOL"
                 ~ Jennifer Laycock

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         "Google Rumors Off-Base"
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"It's war out there folks especially between MS and Google."
-Gary Price

Interesting discussions are being held among most major players
in the search / portal / access / Web services arena. It's like a
game of musical chairs right now, and it'll be interesting to see
who's left standing when the music stops.

Like water, flour, and yeast, mix a popular search engine, with a
major content property, add a dash of high-speed access and you
get the makings of a mega-portal. Is Google solidifying its
relations with AOL in reaction to a potential Microsoft AOL
partnership? If so, Comcast wants to join the party.

It is difficult to see how Microsoft could partner with AOL.
Right now though, anything's possible. Jennifer notes in her post
today: "I would have laughed at someone that suggested that
Microsoft and AOL might eventually team up." That is still one
potential outcome to all this talking.

With the announcement that Microsoft messenger client will
cooperate with Yahoo! Instant Messenger, Microsoft may have it
more difficult convincing AOL to use them instead of Google for
search services. MSN Search is a Johnny Come Lately to search.
They could give up more ad revenue than Google, but would that
make any sense at all when Google already gives AOL such a lion's

Who do you think will be left standing when the music stops?




Superb questions of the MSN Search team from forum participants
with randfish compiling the whole thing together nicely. Though
nothing is revealed that isn't common knowledge regarding most
search engines, it is highly recommended reading to get the sense
about where the MSN Search team is at these days and what
initiatives are on their radar for new builds.






"A number of SEOs utilize PR services to help get online "buzz"
going, (which can lead to link building somewhat naturally). This
can be done effectively but you always have to have a real story
to tell or your buzz falls flat."
-Digest #005

From: Debra Mastaler 

Not only does the buzz fall flat, but your credibility along with
it. One of the purposes of sending out releases is to build your
visibility as an industry professional and establish yourself /
company as a credible source on a particular subject or niche. If
you send out a press release each time you secure a new client or
rearrange the office furniture you're doing little to boost that
authority. After a while the journalists and reading public stop
glancing and your releases are ignored and deleted all together.
Not the public relations or link building effect you were going
after I would think.

"Aaron Wall does a superb job with outstanding questions for the
most visible Googler (to SEOs) Matt Cutts."
-Digest #005

Agree! Great job on the interview Aaron. His interview is also a
great example of credible *viral* buzz. Because he named his
interview source and asked provocative buzz word questions, it's
all over the SEO community - and then some, no press release
needed there.

Way to go peanut butter!

Debra Mastaler




"They are in talks again. How would this work out for the pair?"
-Digest #005

From: Jennifer Laycock 

I guess the old adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" holds
true in this case. Years back, I would have laughed at someone
that suggested that Microsoft and AOL might eventually team up.
But today, in the strange world that is the search wars, it makes
good sense.

AOL doesn't seem to have any plans to develop their own
algorithm, though they have done a nice job of developing
specialized search tools as of late. That means that they hold no
particular loyalty to any of the engines. All Microsoft needs to
do is offer a better revenue share on ads than Google does and
they should have a pretty easy sell (buy?).

I've long held that this is where Microsoft has the chance to
topple Google. With Google relying primarily on advertising,
rather than software sales to pay their bills, they've put
themselves in a somewhat precarious position. If Microsoft can
offer a high enough revenue share to tempt Google partners away
(think AdSense, portal partnerships, etc...) then site owners
have little reason to stay loyal.

With Microsoft's deep pockets, they could theoretically offer a
high enough share that they were *losing* money, and still manage
to hold out long enough to do serious harm to Google. (Though
this tactic would have been far more feasible a year or so ago
when Google wasn't carrying around a wallet with more money
than... [insert favorite deity name here] )

At this point, I doubt we'll see that happen. Instead, I think
we're more likely to see the field draw close to even with
Google, Yahoo! and MSN forming a rotating trifecta of search.
There's no reason to think that only one company can dominate.
There's a pretty big pie out there and even divided three ways
with some scraps for the rest of the field, that's a pretty
filling meal. 

Jennifer Laycock



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==> Google Rumors Off-Base

Essentials: According to CNet, Google is simply testing out an
upgrade for user experience when buying Google Earth etc.



==> Association of College Research Libraries (ACRL)

Essentials: Excellent resources for research. "Prepared by
librarians and subject specialists," it's a treasure chest of
information, freely available on the Web.


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