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SEO for Developers Topics


Introducing SEO for developers. It's time. Let's bring developers into the search engine optimization conversation and community so sites are built for efficient indexing from the get-go.

Search Engine Land

SEO for Developers official library articles sorted by publish date.

JavaScript SEO

SEO for JavaScript Routing

information about indexing pitfalls and recommendations for how to go about coding links and routes, especially for single page web apps. Watch a video from Google with essential JavaScript tips.

SEO for JavaScript Indexing Basics

Think strategically about your use of JavaScript. When JavaScript powers some or all of a page's content learn how this affects its indexing. Watch a video from Google clarifying their JavaScript indexing process.

Google Search Console

DNS Verification

How to set up Google Search Console domain verification for site-wide reporting data. Getting technical: What you need to know about verifing your site with GSC using a DNS TXT record entry.

API Explorer

Using Google Search Console to manage 'search enhancement' validation errors and employing the API. In this wrap-up of our series on Google Search Console, get tips on the most productive uses of the GSC API.

Sitemap XML

Managing Sitemap XML with Google Search Console. What to look for in Search Console indexing reports, plus learn why and how to create a dynamic Sitemap file.

Getting Started

Getting started with Google Search Console. In this first part of our in-depth exploration of the new Google Search Console, we'll explain the overview section, Performance report and URL inspector.

Front End

Get Kraken

I recently updated Search Return using an effective but simple boilerplate called Kraken. Kraken can easily be optimized for search engines. Take a look around, view source, and ask questions anytime via Twitter.

Vanilla JavaScript

I am a proponent of simplicity where possible and adding complexity only as needed. I think Vanilla JavaScript, where the Kraken boilerplate comes from, exemplifies that concept for webmasters. I hope it will inspire you to see what is possible with less complexity than massive framework libraries.


Wordpress Safety Plan

Is Wordpress Safe? The latest version of Wordpress is very safe out of the box. Neglecting to update it however, among other things, can make it unsafe.


IP (Internet Protocol)

Using command line utilities we can get Internet whois information. When we know your IP address from programming a "What is my IP address?" service, we can use this information in conjunction with the whois service to get information about your Internet service provider.

The Prodigy

"SES moderator Detlef Johnson has resurrected the twice-weekly moderated discussion list that was once one of the few sources of regular interaction for the search marketing community back in the early days." -Chris Sherman