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SEO for JavaScript Search Engine Indexing



Essential JavaScript SEO Tips

Google's second JavaScript SEO video contains information about indexing pitfalls and recommendations for how to go about coding links and routes, especially important for single page web apps that use hash fragment link hacks.


When does JavaScript SEO Matter?

Fundamental for developers is strategically thinking about JavaScript. Take into account what you want to achieve with business goals, matching them with user experiences, and how those priorities line up with what you need from JavaScript for delivering them. Key to success is remembering that only Google indexes JavaScript in a sophisticated way.

Depending on the complexity of your solutions you may need to wait for Google to index JavaScript powered content, and a variety of hazards can result in failure of that indexing. Bing and others won't index JavaScript powered content hardly at all. In its first JavaScript for SEO video, Google clarified where their boundary lies between what will index quickly, what may take time, and if it's indexed at all.

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