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Wordpress Safety Plan for SEOs and Developers.

Recognizing Karen Spärck Jones

In Observance of Women's History Month.

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SEO for JavaScript Routing

information about indexing pitfalls and recommendations for how to go about coding links and routes, especially for single page web apps. Watch a video from Google with essential JavaScript tips.

SEO for JavaScript Indexing Basics

Think strategically about your use of JavaScript. When JavaScript powers some or all of a page's content learn how this affects its indexing. Watch a video from Google clarifying their JavaScript indexing process.


Wordpress Safety Plan

Is Wordpress Safe? The latest version of Wordpress is very safe out of the box. Neglecting to update it however, among other things, can make it unsafe.


The Programmer's Search Engine

DDG's (Duck Duck Go) clever implementation of things such as bang search along with other notable enhancements make it intentionally a good programmer's search engine. Gabriel Weinberg (CEO) testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that strong privacy isn't "anti-advertising." With all that, Chrome just added it to its own search engine options from it having been conspicously absent. Now if only Analytics would add it too.

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Karen Spärck Jones

Learn about Karen Spärck Jones in anticipation of a new article for Search Engine Land.

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