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What exactly is the SearchReturn Digest?

SearchReturn is a fully moderated free email newsletter and digest of subscriber posts. Once subscribed, you can quickly comment and look for accepted messages in a future issue that goes out worldwide. SearchReturn issues are first published via email on Tuesdays and Thursdays (minus US-based holidays). RSS is then generated shortly thereafter. Threads are immediately accessible via Google Subscribed Links.

Since the list is moderated, commercial noise is kept purely at a minimum (when posts are otherwise useful), and contributors are ensured that their post is first scanned by an expert and then published properly to the list. Do you ever wish you could change a blog or forum posting? With SearchReturn you usually have time (sometimes several days) to post a second version of your post, or otherwise contact the moderator before it goes out.

To fill the gap from the absence of the famed I-Search Digest, the first issue of SearchReturn went out September 27, 2005. Through word of mouth alone SearchReturn experienced quick subscriber growth, (especially among veterans that remember I-Search days). At the one year mark, things are reaching critical mass where discussion is expected to start rolling with every new issue. Subscribe and see for yourself!

Why no ads?

Ads sent in email remind us a lot of email we'd prefer not to get ourselves. We don't subject SearchReturn Digest subscribers to email ads, and we never sell email addresses to third parties for solicitation. Sponsorship of the site (including archived issues) is available upon request for advertisers that want to support SearchReturn with advertising.

What makes SearchReturn different?

SearchReturn provides you with essential search industry news without the clutter and noise from high volume sources. A strong history of participation results in a pick up with lively discussion during tumultuous times or other industry happenings. Historically, SearchReturn is the community where the search industry's elite became well-known by answering reader questions, providing tips or announcing something new altogether in the list formerly known as I-Search.

Many news sources today report on too many things that have little or no real impact on your business with search. This makes SearchReturn ideal for a busy lifestyle. You'll find membership includes the search industry elite, big brand managers, technologists and technology journalists (as well as a large contingent of search engine optimization practitioners).

"When I first starting covering SEO and search in 1996, there weren't many others. Not long after that, maybe it was 1997, we had the I-Search mailing list get going I think." -Danny Sullivan

SearchReturn readers get carefully selected search engine news and information, actionable marketing tips and expert advice with site owner Disa Johnson.

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