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Business Intelligence

Smart programming and better digital marketing from Disa Johnson, a well-known technology professional who has spent 25 years creating innovative code for many successful, secure websites is now available to you for the first time directly. After years running I-Search and moderating at conference events and working at large agencies, I now bring you all the trust, experience and historical perspective acquired over a long professional legacy, a legacy that you can independently verify. Don't wait! Get search return. Get started.

Was Disa proven wiser at SEO tactics than Google & Yahoo? You can bet on it.

Winning a recorded debate in Australia (March 2007), an audience of SEO professionals voted more than 3 to 1 Disa Johnson single-handedly defeated an opposing team made up of three Google and Yahoo search representatives. She inspires generations of SEO technology practitioners with ideas and skills that match her track record of success. It's smart to rely on experience from the likes of Disa Johnson than to place the trust of your business in the hands of search engines. It's proved search engines can be kept in check. It's proved time and again that they need to be kept in check!

Progressive Web App Website Programming

The most satisfying thing for me to do, especially as a marketing programmer, is to deliver the same look and feel of your fabulous website, the same feature set and with better performance which comes by using streamlined code minus bloat from unnecessary frameworks the original designers used. Modules of unused code calling server processes that as a result are sometimes slow-as-snails. Don't let the CPU clock cycles of your server software overheat your host! Less experienced programmers think they must rely on way too much stuff to achieve what they want. I've been able to deliver the same or superior quality with single digit percentages of oiriginal code. Watch me in response to your qualified RFP. I don't just answer to anybody. Hire me and I'll answer to you. That's a personal guarantee I can put in writing with my name all over it.

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