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Social Search Optimization

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            "Social Search Marketing and Technology"
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February 12, 2013                                   I-Search #157
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             "Social Search Optimization"
                         ~ Donna Fontenot
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==> Social Search Optimization

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Discussion: What particular skills and or tech from traditional 
SEO do you find most useful for your social (search) marketing?
Author tags get applied. Fun tips are appreciated!

Donna Fontenot

I'm glad I've been around long enough to have seen all of the 
Google changes, including how often they recommend one thing, 
only to turn around and recommend the opposite later on. It's 
this understanding of what Google generally wants, what Google 
says, what Google actually does, and what Google is and isn't 
capable of, that helps me strategize in the ever-evolving arena 
of search, social, local, mobile, and online marketing in 
general. Being able to think not only about what is good for the 
business and what is good for the user, but also what may or may 
not please the almighty G. is a skillset I wouldn't want to lose.





==> Social Search Optimization

Thanks for the talking points about my question "What SEO skills 
are you glad to have in today's social search optimization era." 
For me personally, I'll say that coding experience trumps all. 
Alongside that is included SEO writing capability of course, and 
general direct marketing experience with branding that I never 
would have had if I'd remained a developer alone.

The one thing that makes me glad is that these skills have become 
innate. One of the few developers who actually marked up websites 
back in 1995 means that I have some HTML tricks I get to take 
along to today's CSS design sensibilities. I love the efficiency 
new frameworks bring. At the same time I'm glad I coded in the 
days when there were no frameworks, just coding languages.

Other skills people said they were glad to have included keyword 
research, the clever use of keywords and the capability to spin 
content viral using social media. All these skills are things 
that were always available to the SEO, and often implemented by 
agencies on behalf of brands who have the financial muscle to 
test it. Today it's beyond cheap compared to those days. I think 
of the Old Spice guy successes.

Tracking got a lot of discussion on the show. I agree that in 
terms of tracking social successes, there may be an element of 
brand test period today (healthy skepticism like in the old SEO 
days) tracking what success can be gleaned from stats, showing 
how social is going to return on the investment. The Old Spice 
guy was closely watched and measured. The fact is if they test a 
brand now including a strong focus on Google+ optimization the 
social search implications will be huge over the long haul. Best 
to measure that too.

Are we glad we know Analytics from search and have it as an 
innate skill in the time of social search optimization? Gosh yes. 
The new generation of digital marketers have a learning curve to 
gain the hilltop SEO practitioners have years experience in 
already. That gives us a leg up. The thing is, tracking is not 
rocket science, so it still pays to be technically inclined. That 
means knowing the code and how search engines index versus 
relying solely on Wordpress plugins to do the SEO for you. That 
means rolling up your sleeves to look for advantages inside the 
code itself. That makes me think of SEO Responsive Design.

Stay Tuned.

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