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Issue #126: Keyword Tagging

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             "Understanding Internet Search Technology"
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April 19, 2007                            SearchReturn Issue #126
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            "Meta Keywords"
                        ~ Sean Carlos
                        ~ SearchReturn




==> Meta Keywords

Thoughtfully applied Meta Keywords, however, have uses beyond the
major search engines that you can enjoy while knowing they play a
minor role of influence on your rankings in Yahoo!.

From: Sean Carlos <>

I can see keywords in the keyword meta tag being used, via
JavaScript, to set "tag" values when a page is bookmarked in a
social media site, as titles and descriptions are already used.
I'm not currently aware of sites where this is possible, but I
haven't looked into it for several months.

- Sean Carlos

Antezeta Internet Marketing 
Eng: www.antezeta.com
Ita: www.antezeta.it

Moderator Comment:  This would be an excellent and natural use of
Meta Keywords for social bookmarking if the site could rely on
webmasters to be honest with their use of keywords.  It could be
that the application could populate the keywords container for
users that are bookmarking and allow them to edit them as they
do with Titles and Descriptions.

I can see treating them slightly differently then the editing
interface for Titles and Descriptions.  I would pull them into a
field, and allow users to click those they like which would
populate the container which would save the list as tags.  That
would rock since webmasters would have incentive to author the
container properly, and users would get exposed to keywords they
might not have thought of on their own.  We love the idea.

Thank you Sean!

Stay Tuned.

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