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Disa Johnson

I'm Disa Johnson, a programmer, system administrator, and security person in Chicago. I've written book ciphers using cryptography. We will travel or remote shell to improve your lines.



Book Ciphers

I was asked to produce tough cryptograms for Ghost in the Wires. I dreamed up unique ciphers. Can you crack them?

MD playground: Vue, Lodash, Marked

I wrapped up a useful Vue demo (written by a core team member) into a Git repo that anyone can clone for use at home. It's nice to have handy.

Requirements: IE9+ Javascript

Cache forensics

An introduction to forensics, cache stamping serps lets you visit Google cache of your pages to know precisely when Google fetched them.

Server side includes

Apache server side includes are about as close to the metal as an include can get. They're the greased lightning of magic tricks.

Coming soon: Progressive website programming as per Google