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SEO for Developers by Detlef Johnson

Covid19 State Stats

Quick reference table for United States Covid19 cases.

Coding for SEO 101

Understanding source code, compressed code and compiled code.

5 ways to level up your Vim skills

Level up your Vim skills and kick your text editor up a notch with a few fun tricks.

Coding for SEO

Here's how you can use JavaScript to track COVID-19.

Head request response tool

Markdown rendering tool

Powered by VueJS a helpful little markdown editor is handy for your at GitHub and wherever else.


Kim Lyons / The Verge
YouTube reports $5B in Q3 ad revenue, up 30% YoY from $3.8B, has more than 30M paid music and premium subscribers; YouTube TV has more than 3M subscribers  —  Parent company Alphabet reported better-than-expected third quarter ad revenue results  —  Google parent company Alphabet's third …

Elena Schneider / Politico
Biden campaign says Facebook blocked thousands of its ads approved prior to Facebook's ban; Facebook blames advertisers' misunderstanding and a technical glitch  —  Biden's campaign said ads that had previously been approved by the tech giant have been erroneously removed.

Ted Johnson / Deadline
Facebook Q3: ad revenue was $21.2B, up 22% YoY from $17.4B despite July's ad boycott; Facebook expects higher ad growth in Q4 from holiday season  —  UPDATE, 4:15 PM PT: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a glimpse of what changes he envisions for Section 230, the law that gives tech platforms legal immunity …

Salvador Rodriguez / CNBC
Facebook's Q3 “Other” revenue, including sales of Oculus and Portal, was $249M, down 7% YoY, but Facebook says strong Oculus Quest 2 sales may boost Q4 revenue  —  - Facebook stock remained relatively flat on Thursday after the company reported a decrease in users in the U.S …

Brian Heater / TechCrunch
Corsair announces it has acquired the EpocCam app, which turns iOS devices into high definition Mac and PC webcams; EpocCam creator Sam Grohn to join Elgato  —  Corsair Gaming today announced that it has acquired EpocCam, the software developer behind the iOS software of the same name.

Javascript Indexing Details

Good extra information on SEO for JavaScript Indexing, including feedback on Angular, React, and Vue from Google's Martin Splitt. What's especially interesting is the ongoing discussion where Martin talks about indexing whereby he used to author a site which used a custom 404 page for the app page. The SEO consultant pointed this out to him and the rest is history.

SEO for JavaScript

The SEO for Developers column at Search Engine Land started in January. Tools on the back end for powering up interesting front end pieces like that are underway. It's an effort to build a proper Search Engine Land companion in Search Return. React and such is forthcoming but not until a need arises for content that begins largely static, however.

0day WordPress Security Woes

A security researcher dropping some 0days may have an axe to grind considering how bad the plugin ecosystem is. It has a "dizzying number of buggy, poorly-audited plugins in the WordPress repository."

The Prodigy Concert