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Progressive Web Apps
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Innovative Marketing

In the right hands, meaningful success metrics can help propel your company forward when key data is incorporated into a Business Intelligence dashboard. You are going to want to feel the power of numbers that flow under your fingertips when you are set up the way you want to be. Marketing automation is here. Analytics play the key role in business leadership, converting digital traffic through acquisition cycles to sales, raising user retention rates and ongoing promotional engagement.


Powerful SEO Rankings

Your code is guaranteed to be set up for search engine rankings and social media success. You get private time with me or can engage a scalable team of specialist developers and apprentices led by me. I have 20+ years programming experience. Whatever suits the scale of your project I can help. Work history includes IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Amazon, Yahoo, Enterprise, Nordstrom, JCPenney, Chicago Tribune Newspapers & PBS.

Mobile First Progressive Website Programming with Google

Modernized websites that are beautifully designed are coded to be search engine friendly and optimized for your target keywords, they display across all devices and come with off-line features to improve user engagement. I'm developing this website as an example for how to do all that. As a well-connected marketing programmer I understand you may just want a little help. Perhaps you are looking for a technology partner who ships code to get your business ideas online. I'm here to provide you with solutions.

Outfit Your Business Intelligently

Scale your business to extend its reach across more devices. Although there are many security concerns regarding the 'Internet of Things' you can take careful advantage to convey your brand to the next generation using technology features that are important to them. The high availability and rapidity of youthful attention represents a huge opportunity for the businesses that can seize the moment.


Business Intelligence

As a marketing programmer, it's important for me to code the ability for you to enjoy the same big data benefits that C-level corporate executives of major brands get using expensive solutions from IBM, Oracle or Microsoft. BI software vendors typically ask more than $100,000 per year in fees to start, and they require lots of consulting time with your staff just to setup. I cherry-pick the major concepts behind those packages and bring cost down so more SMEs or mom-and-pop shops can benefit from confident data-driven decision making. No one needs all that much for a customized BI dashboard.


Code For Things

The Internet of Things is here. Apps can provide an extension of your website to engage anytime, keep content fresh across all platforms including wearables. Notifications allow users to opt-in to subscribe and get your marketing message at the right place and time. It's multi-channel marketing at its best. Reach your audience where they live, where they work and play. Think about incorporating GPS coordinates into features and notifications. Imagine how you might use location information to inform your choices about business operations. Think about what you're missing if you are otherwise poised to take advantage.